Sunset on the Strip Music Festival


  • To have access to the campgrounds you must have the relevant festival wristband AND a camping wristband. Sunset on the Strip is a music festival that features camping, it is not a camping only event.

  • Cook stoves, propane fire pits and BBQs MUST be 12 in (30 cm) off the ground at all times. ABSOLUTELY NO WOOD FIRE PITS OR CHARCOAL COOKING DEVICES. You must have a fire extinguisher at your campsite if you are using a cook stove, BBQ or propane fire pit.

  • No pets allowed on site, with the exception of registered service dogs. If you have a service dog, you must show your service dog registration at check-in.

  • Failure to keep a clean campsite WILL result in eviction from grounds. No household furniture permitted.

  • Climbing on any structures, trees, RVs (with the exception of repairs), fences, etc., may lead to eviction from grounds.

  • Generators must be shut down from 12am to 8am. Obey campsite quiet times. Campsites must be left clean and vacated by 12:00pm on Sunday July 14th.

  • Campers who do not demonstrate care for self, others or the environment WILL be told to leave the campground and will have their camping passes revoked without a refund. Camping at Sunset on the Strip is a privilege. Dangerous or obnoxious behaviour will NOT be tolerated.